Cosmic solutions for your business

SEO can be complicated, but our goal is simple. We shoot for the stars in the world of SEO.

Rock-solid strategies for challenging projects

We know how to deal with different organizations, including gray areas in business.
Experts in all the promotional methods:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SMM
  • PPC
  • Email and SMS marketing
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Organic growth over quick wins

In the turbulent world of SEO, quick-win performance spikes may look impressive, but they are rarely sustainable.

We aim to create continuous traffic and ensure a constant flow of potential customers.

Our organic growth strategies don’t incur costs-per-click, and, most importantly, convert more customers.

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Technical On-Site SEO

We’ll make sure your website is Google-friendly by fixing the code, meta-data, on-page content, and website architecture.

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Strategic Linkbuilding

Our team delivers high-quality links from relevant, trusted websites to improve your search positions in Google and protect your online reputation.

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In-depth Analytics

Our SEO strategies are based on deep data analysis and algorithmic research that help us establish impactful KPIs.

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Content Creation & Outreach

We create shareable, high-quality content in different languages and use it as a tool to build brand authority and credibility.

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The First-Ever, Interactive Online SEO Textbook

Hi, I’m Pavel, co-founder of Cosmo Media, and I want to tell you about the everyday life of our company and our fun corporate events.


5 ways to kill your text: a how-to for copywriters


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What Is SEO texts and How It Works


I have always dreamt of writing articles for big companies and businesses. It seemed to me it was enough to express a clear idea by adding vivid metaphors and epithets, and the article would gain a high position on Search Engine Results Pages.

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